Don Quixote


There is a great tradition of transcribing major orchestral works for chamber ensembles. My dissertation at the University of Minnesota focused on creating a transcription of Richard Strauss's tone poem Don Quixote for a chamber orchestra of 17 players. While I stayed true to the musical structure and kept the solos for violoncello/viola/violin/bass clarinet and tenor tuba in their original form, I expanded the percussion section, added a keyboard part, and tasked the trombone and wind players to double on additional instruments. During the preparation process, I made revisions to dynamics, articulations, color, and texture. Each performance (view program) was prefaced with an in-depth lecture-demonstration and images from Gustavo DorĂ©'s 190 wood-engraved plates followed the plot of the story. Score, parts, lecture-demonstration and other supporting materials are available for rent.

Catalog of compositions and additional transcriptions are available upon request.


Sample of Gustavo Dore's Illustrations

Performance Photos


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